Atish Victor

(he/him, she/her)

Writer, Beginner Artist, Composer

Hey There! I'm Atish, an aspiring author and composer. I'm currently in college majoring in Anthropology and am writing a few books along the way. Cheers!

  • I am currently writing a host of fantasy books.

  • The books are set in many worlds, though some may take place in the same one.

  • I am open to writing commissions, you can email me, send me a DM over Discord or other Social Media.

  • Sample of original audios below. (please do not copy or reproduce these) Depending on the piece you ask for, and the purpose, I might as for a different rate.

  • If you want to see my more professional site click here.

If you're wondering what my reading preferences or tastes are, maybe take a look at my list of books I've yet to buy...shameless plug ;)

Instagram: ati_writes_fantasy
E-mail: [email protected]
Discord: queenofizmoroz
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Main YouTube: Atish Victor
Alt YouTube: Katipunan Ball
Tumblr: ati-writes

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